The fight between two paths

(my story short)


As long as I can remember I’ve been in charge of what I’m wearing. Even in kindergarten I felt strongly about dressing up nicely and making a point with my outfit. I also was performing all the time. Both of my parents are actors so when we didn’t get a babysitter I would just go with my Mom or Dad to the theater. At a very young age it became clear that my career needed to be in the performing arts and being more specific: an actress.


At the same time I was continuously reading books about fashion, clothes and creating the perfect wardrobe. For me clothes were a way of expressing myself and telling a story when I was not on stage. People started asking advice from me if something looked stylish or not. Before blogging was a thing, I would take photos of my outfits even if I didn’t publish them anywhere.


Then in 2011 I started blogging when I did my exchange year in Italy. I wanted to have a place for my friends and family to see what I was up to but I was also excited to share my day to day outfits and my journey with others as well. I came from Italy with the strong feeling that blogging about my style and life was something very special and fulfilling for me but that I also needed to focus on theater.


If you are not from Finland, getting into Theatre Academy here is freaking hard. So when I didn’t get accepted ( for multiple times aka. I’m still not in) of course I needed to do something meanwhile. I worked in a natural beauty shop and a big clothing store. Serving costumers and helping them to solve a problem was actually very enjoyable for me. I started to do these styling sessions with costumers which meant that I created a series of looks from that clients budget and I spend solely serving that person. I was on fire when I got to do those. I enjoyed it so much and I got very supportive feedback from co-workers, superiors and of course from those clients. Thought came to my head: maybe I was good at this?


I still wanted to be an actress but every time I gave up focusing on fashion and blogging, I felt a void in my chest. Around that time I started wondering if could I do both? Could it be possible for me to have more than one thing in my life that I’m crazy passionate about?


Now this fight between two paths has come to an end. I’ve realized that in my case, having just one passion, is not a reality. I can do both. I love create content about how to create an awesome sustainable wardrobe and living a more ethical lifestyle. I also love performing and I still want to learn everything there is to know about acting and pursue a career in theater.


I appreciate you for reading my story and hopefully you got a better idea of who I am and what I’m all about. Here on my blog, I focus on how to create a more sustainable lifestyle and I’m here to help you to get the wardrobe of your dreams.




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