Beginners Guide: Finding Your Style

Beginners Guide: Finding Your Style


Creating a working wardrobe is a huge passion of mine. Finding a personal style is the first step towards that goal. Style is a really a massive concept so in this post I focus more on the dressing side of style.

I love reading and watching other peoples content about this subject and I feel that there is always something new to learn, even if you already have found your style. If you want to spice things up a bit, this could also be useful to you.

So here is my four step beginners guide to finding your style!


Define your lifestyle


When you first start finding your own style, we need to step away from our wardrobe. Think about your week: how does it look like? What about your whole month? Where do you spent most of your time? At school, work or gym? Your personal style is in direct contact with your lifestyle. It’s important to invest in a wardrobe that serves you well according to what you do most of the time.

The math here is simple: the more you do something, the more you should have options in your wardrobe to match that activity. The more you can spend money on those pieces of clothing. It’s simple and easy way to start building your style from there. If you are a personal trainer, there is more sense for you to have closet full of cool gym clothes as oppose to a person that goes to the gym once a week. If you like to go out and dress extra nicely, take that in count when you start to define your personal style!

Analyze your wardrobe


After defining your lifestyle, we can move to your wardrobe. Browse through it: does it match your lifestyle? In many cases we tend to purchase things what we “would like to wear” but never really have the chance or courage to wear. In other cases the closet is full of gorgeous one piece items that doesn’t go together with anything else and therefore it’s left unused. Finding your style is all about getting that working wardrobe as I like to call it (used to call it a “perfect wardrobe” but there isn’t such thing as perfect so “working” in this context is good enough). It’s making your wardrobe work for your lifestyle. To make it easy and accessible as possible.

What type of clothing do you see the most and do you like it? As I mentioned before, there could be pieces that you really like but never wear. Then there may be some boring basics that you really don’t like but still wear ’cause they go with majority of your clothing. This is a scenario that should be avoided. When analyzing your wardrobe, doing the “yes”, “no” and “maybe” pile can be helpful, but that’s more useful when you are trying to declutter. Which is important but when finding your style may I suggest a similar but a slithy different approach:



  • make a “love pile” = items that you absolutely adore

  • make a “basic pile” = items that go with almost everything (like jeans or cardigans)

  • you are left with a “not really sure pile” = you don’t even know why you have those items in your wardrobe ?

The “basic pile” isn’t really the issue here: some things you just need in order to have a working wardrobe, like some good quality trousers or pair of stockings. But of course the goal here would be that everything in your wardrobe would be in the “love pile”.

With the “not really sure pile” you need to have some balls. Choose a day when you have energy and good vibe ’cause you may need to get rid of a lot of stuff. That’s the issue. We have so much “stuff” in our wardrobe that it clutters everything. We don’t really see what’s in our closets ’cause the “stuff” has taken control. If the piece of clothing doesn’t bring you joy just get rid of it. It’s definitely not helping you to find your style if you are keeping some old stuff hanging in your wardrobe that you really don’t even wanna wear.

Then take a look at your “love pile”. Now we get to the yummy part of analyzing your wardrobe. What type of clothing do you see? Look at them for a minute and then ask these following questions:

  • Do they go well together?
  • What type of pieces do you see the most?
  • What colors there are?
  • Are they pieces that you love but don’t know what to wear it with?
  • Following to the previous one: If you could pair any piece of clothing with that item, what would it be?


This is an imagination game and there are no limits! Finding your personal style is easier when you start with what you already have and like, instead of having absolutely nowhere to start. This pile will get you some idea of what your style could look like and with what items your style could develop on.

What vibe is similar to these items and can you perhaps name and label them? For example: bohemian, classic, 90’s, minimal, relaxed… What colors and fabrics do you tend to go with? The more specific you are with these labels, the more easier it is to find your style and use these terms and labels on my next point!


Get inspiration


Now you know your lifestyle and have analyzed your wardrobe. Got rid off stuff that doesn’t fit into your new style. You have looked at your “love pile” and found out that there are some similar vibes to them. What next?

Take those labels that you have managed to find and hit Google, Pinterest, Instagram and get inspiration. Don’t know what to wear with that 90’s statement dress? Someone somewhere I guarantee has paired it with something and put up a photo somewhere. If you don’t know the right hashtags for you, it can be hard to find inspiration. That’s why it’s so important to get specific words when describing those pieces of clothing in you own wardrobe that you love.

In every video or post about finding you style, this is a must have. For me this isn’t the biggest point but it’s still helpful. You do what works best for you! I prefer Instagram and occasionally I Pin something on my “style inspiration” Pinterest board. Just take a moment every time you see a photo of something that intrigues you: what do you like about it? The overall vibe? The cut of a dress? In this point it helps the more specific you can get. I still do that when ever I see something beautiful. Style is something that’s always evolving and therefore I also love to get new inspiration!


Shop consciously


You have emptied your wardrobe and found some inspiration on how you can style some items: remember that you have done a lot of work to get a crisp clean closet and for your own personal style, it’s better that you just bring items that spark joy (really kon mari ;D). If you want more details on shopping consciously go and check out my other post questions to ask before purchasing a new item!

But basically don’t bring anything new that doesn’t fit to your wardrobe or your style and doesn’t get you that “WOW” effect. Dressing up should be fun and not confusing but if you let your wardrobe to get cluttered again with “stuff” it’s easily back to square one…

Remember: you are what you wear

These points are guidelines to getting your personal style together. But realizing you are what you wear is important as well and that’s why I wanted to leave this point for you to ponder on later.

Finding your style ultimately comes down to this: what do you want? Want to be confident? Wear a suit. Want to be glamorous? Wear special pieces when ever you can! You can create the life you want by wearing the things that are in alignment with that vision. This is not rocket science!

The vibe you want to have is really at your fingertips. Be courageous 🙂 It’s not all about the pieces of clothing that you own. Of course it’s a part of that but the clothes should be an extension of who you are and who you want to be. Being fashionable is easy: you just need to have a lot of money to buy all the things that are on “trend” every  season. Being stylish is having a consistent own vision about what looks good on you and where you feel the most comfortable and confident in.



Jeans: Vero Moda

Blazer: EKYOG

Shoes: Nike

Shirt: Thrifted


I really hope that you found some new inspiration from this and if you have any other questions or maybe want to share some other tips: please leave them down below or hit me on Instagram or Facebook! I would really love to read your comments 🙂

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You are awesome!

Take Care <3