5+1 ways to feel like you're on vacation

5+1 ways to feel like you're on vacation

It’s officially FallĀ y’all! At least in Finland it is…

For me this Summer was full of work and occasionally a couple of days off here and there. Sometimes it was hard to put aside all of the stress and work and just relax. Luckily I started to develop a system which helped me to get into my “vacation mood” even if it’s just for a 24 hours.

Now that the Summer has ended and most of us go back to school or work, here are my 5+1 tips on how to feel like you’re on vacation and get that relaxed mode on even when you are back to your Fall routines!

1. Be in your pajamas all day


Seriously like what’s stopping you? Nothing screams a day-off like hanging in your favorite pajamas all day. My personal go-to pajamas are surprise surprise: kaftans!

2. Make something yummy for breakfast


Breakfast: the start of the day. Why not make it a hint more interesting? If you eat the same kind of thing every morning, it’s a little luxury to have something little extra. Freshly squeezed orange juice OR chocolate coffee and cinnamon buns.

3. Pamper yourself

Whether it’s a simple footbath or 2 hour visit to the sauna, pampering yourself with something special is a must for having that vacation mood on. Oil cleansing method is also my favorite if I want to deep cleanse my skin!

4. Eat outside


This is something I will do if the weather allows! There is something unique about eating outside, since in Finland we cannot do that very often, even in the summer time. So every chance I got, I want to eat outside! Makes me feel like I’m on vacation plus the food tastes much better outside. Just dress up warmly if you live up here in the North. #winteriscoming

5. Read a fiction book


I tend to read two kinds of books at the same time: one on self-development and one fiction book. When I really want to feel relaxed I grab my favorite fiction book and read it all day everyday to get my brain in the right mode.

+1 chill out in nature

If you want to de-stress the old-fashioned way, go for a nice walk in nature. Feel the fresh air and if possible go without your phone or anything that might distract you from being in the present. Nothing says vacation like chilling in nature.


I hope you had an amazing Summer and wish you all the best for the upcoming Fall!


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