Ft. Lauderdale | VIDEO



Hi Guys!

We spent a weekend in Ft. Lauderdale and I made this little video where I share what I ate and wore over those couple of days.

When traveling it sometimes hard to stay ‘super healthy’ and so chips and cookies are the reality for me. If you have any tips on how to eat more healthy while traveling please let me know! But in this video I’m really sharing the things that I eat on a holiday! There’s a lot of sodium going on but occasionally some fruits will hit my stomach.

One place that we ate twice was called Ocean View Delight. First we were going to get food from Wholefoods (which we actually did on the next day) but since Henu spotted the “vegan menu” sign, we had to check the place out. We ate these delicious ( and greasy ) wraps and the service was super nice!

Overall I’m not saying that what I ate was really bad ’cause it was still vegan and no animals were harmed.

So if you’re still thinking that every vegan is healthy as fuck that is not the case 😀


Outfit of the Night (Day 1)

Dress : H&M

Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell Lita

Choker: Thrifted


Outfit of the Day (Day 2)

Shirt: ONLY

Shorts: not mine 😉

Cap & Backpack: Nike

Sunnies: NINJA

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Thanks for reading! 

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