Habits of a Morning Person

When it feels like everything’s possible: morning! I’m excited for the day ahead and ready to get inspired and energized. I could almost say that early morning is the best time of my day.

Who wouldn’t want to be a morning person? Studies have shown that they are more productive and less depressed (though I’m not sure these studies have included Finnish people, #polarnight).

How can you make the most out of your mornings and what are my habits to get my day going?




Waking up early aka. don’t snooze


Usually I wake up at 6:15am on work days and I never snooze. I get up right away and I don’t stay in bed. This really gets the day going. Being a morning person means waking up early so this of course goes hand in hand with going to bed early. ‘Cause if you are waking up at 11:30, I’m sorry dear but a lot of the day has already passed. Especially in Finland in the wintertime when we have a limited edition of sunlight on each day, it’s very important to get up when the sun is up and in this case even earlier.



Doing everything slowly


When you wake up early, it’s so wonderful when you can do things at your own pace. Not worrying about the time. A morning person gets a quiet time to do whatever she or he wants ‘cause it’s so freaking early.

It’s easy to get into that “oh I’m late” situation which leaves you mostly feeling stressed and not all confident to get the day started. Imagine that you could have the time to eat breakfast in peace, read a book for an hour with your cup of coffee, do your makeup with no rush OR whatever seems important to you in the morning.

Still want to hit the snooze button 😉 ?





I know this sounds like I’m that kind of person that goes for a 1,5 hour run at 5am but let me assure: it’s not the case. BUT I still do a little bit of exercise in the morning to get me into that groove and wake up my body. Nothing too extreme: a little bit of yoga or dancing with stretching is fine by me. I can sweat later at work or go running later in the afternoon.





Usually after doing yoga, I silence myself for 10-20 minutes and just let my thoughts run through. At the beginning or at the end of my session I concentrate on what I want accomplish that day or week. I’ve been thinking about doing a more complex post about meditating, so watch out for that!




Creating a routine


It wasn’t until I sat down to write this blogpost that I realized that I actually did have a certain order which I did my habits in!

I still need to work on my routine, it’s not perfect by no means but creating a system that you do all these habits in, is really helpful if maybe you want to cooperate in some new healthier habits.

For example if you’d like to drink more water in the morning, you first take a large sip of water BEFORE you drink your morning coffee and maybe also after that. Do meditation AFTER you’ve done some yoga ‘cause you are already on the mat so why not? Things that are easy for you in the morning can be the key to invite some new habits into the mix.

If you are still a bit sleepy, you don’t have to think about what you are going to do next if you have a routine to follow! For example I always get out of bed, draw the curtains and then I make my bed. I don’t have to think about it, I just do it.



Do habits that work for you and your goals ‘cause I find that looking at other people’s routines can sometimes get quite overwhelming… So if you want to be a more productive and start your day right, I hope you get some inspiration from my morning habits and this helps you to create your own!


If you’d like for me to make for example a whole morning routine postcomment down below why you want to be a morning person or why you are already?


You are awesome!

Take Care <3