How To Embrace Your Body

6 tips for a healthier body image


My whole body image journey has been quite care-free. For the most part I have not been able to relate to people who have insecurities because of mainstream media. Of course I’ve had my own insecurities and personally felt pressure from people close to me. Those few times that I’ve felt pressure, I’ve managed to overcome them and gotten even more confident in my body.


A lot of my body positivity has come from dancing. I’ve danced my whole life so exercise is something that comes quite naturally (or should I say moving my body comes naturally). I just love to move my body to express myself. Not to exercise for the sake of how many calories I burn or how fit I look.


How you view your body mostly comes from upbringing. However, positive and healthy body image and embracing your body is still something you can create on your own. You can decide how you feel about your body. No magazine, relative or friend should make you feel like your body is “not enough”. No matter what struggles you may have had, you are really in charge of your own body.

So here are my tips on how to embrace your body:


Remember that you are not your body

Body is something that you are given to experience this life. It changes all the time so don’t think yourself AS the body. Your uniqueness, personality is not that. It doesn’t define you as a person, although it can show signs on how you are living your life but it’s not who you are.

Be grateful of what your body does

Ideally: you can walk, you can grab things with your both hands and you don’t have to remember to breathe while you sleep. Your body creates energy from the food you eat. If you step back a bit and look your body from an angle of gratitude, some small flaw won’t bother you for long. The body is a wonderful thing that does million things at once to keep you alive!



Change things if you can but be okay in the present

If you don’t like your nose or teeth, I’m sorry. You can get an expensive surgery but remember it won’t guarantee your happiness. Happiness and satisfaction comes from within. Of course little things can boost your confidence and get you to the right direction but sooner or later you will get used to that new nose or new teeth and get uncomfortable about some other aspect of your body. ‘Cause the real issue was not the nose, right?

If there is something I don’t like for example: belly fat, there something I can about it. Then by all means I’ll do something about it but in the process, I’m okay that it takes time and I appreciate that my body is doing everything it can by the resources that I’m giving it.

Get naked

No better way to embrace your body than to get naked and really be in your own skin. I usually hang around naked in my home (if it’s warm enough) and always when it’s appropriate ’cause why not? Every summer me and my closest friends go to this summer cottage and as soon as we get there, I throw my clothes away and I usually hear something like this: “Meeri has gone naked, the vacation has officially started!”



Take good care

Your body does so much for you: please take care of it. My body shows immediate response if I treat it badly. My skin breaks out, I have pain in my joints etc. Like I mentioned in the first point: it does so much to keep you ALIVE so the least you can do is to take care of it by for example eating healthy vegan food and moving it everyday!

Also it’s good to remember not to trash talk to your body. Sometimes our own thoughts can be our worst enemy. The body can sense if it’s being judged or disliked. The human body is mostly water and we all know what happened in that study where people where saying means thing to a glass of water…

Don’t weight yourself

Like really what’s the point? You wanna track your progress? Calculating calories like it’s the 1980? If you want to track something, track how many push ups you can do in a minute and how many days you can go without sugar. Track if you are having any pains that eventually go away or how flexible you can get in a month.

Ask yourself: does it make you sad to look at that number? If yes, stop it. Does it make you happy? If yes, think about are you comfortable that your happiness relies on a number on a scale? Just think about it. Could you just be happy with your body no matter how much it weights?

I’d rather know how much muscle or fat I have in my body or how much cholesterol I have in my blood but that freaking number on the scale can tell me none of that.



I hope you enjoyed this post and if you want to join the conversation:

comment down below how do you embrace your body?


You are awesome!

Take care <3