Overanalyzing My Future In Miami

Overanalyzing My Future In Miami

Hi guys!

These few weeks have been crazy. I’ve been super productive and then again the laziest person in town. I have a history of being a perfectionist, being really hard on myself and overanalyzing things. Anyone can relate? Anyways those things don’t work when you are really trying to get things done. ‘Cause perfectionism is really just a form a procrastination…

I’m applying for schools here in Miami. I didn’t mention that in my last post on purpose. First I thought I wouldn’t share that here ’cause I felt that if I fail I might be blaming myself for shouting out my dreams to the public and therefore ruining my chances.

But there I was overanalyzing again  😀

I dream big. Always have and always will. But dreams will just be dreams if you don’t do anything about it. I’m trying to do something about it but when nothing is certain the idea creeps out like “what if this is not enough”. I’m breaking my brains with this overanalyzing. I know nothing and it freaks me out. Like I said nothing is certain but then again nothing is impossible.

Processed with VSCO with f2 presetBut what is up other than overanalyzing everything–>

We spent a long weekend in Fort Lauderdale in an Airbnb apartment. It was my first experience in Airbnb and I’m just gonna say thank you future and technology for making these kind of things so easy. Like Airbnb is basically ordinary people giving their home or spare room for your use inexpensively (or at least that’s what I’m looking for). Why not! And some of these places are really like hotels.

Same thing with Uber which is still kinda illegal in Finland. Ordinary people driving cars and getting you from A to B with lot less money than you would use by taking a taxi. Like yes please! Because here in Miami you really need a car to get places.

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Little haul from Wholebody ;P

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This is someone’s office!


Pelican Theater at Barry University

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Running at Hollywood Beach

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Coffee with my love in Margaritaville

Overall I’ve enjoyed my time here in Miami so far. Time really flies by in here. Been watching people’s photos on Instagram and I gotta say at this point I’m not looking forward returning to Finland 😀


Thanks for reading! 

You are awesome!