How And Why I Quit Smoking

How And Why I Quit Smoking

Hi guys!

Long time no post but I made a video for my YT channel about how and why I quit smoking. Because the video is in Finnish I’d thought I’d also share here the same points in English.


  1. I didn’t want to smell

    This is very obvious but I’m pointing it out anyway. At first I didn’t smell myself when I was smoking (’cause your smelling sense doesn’t work properly when you smoke) but I knew that it wasn’t a pleasant smell coming out of my clothes and breath. After quitting I almost felt ashamed ’cause I used to expose people around me with the most awful smell. Not nice.

  2. It damaged my voice

    It is no secret that I’m pursuing a career in acting and in performing arts in general. I was doing a voice sample to his one studio I had worked before and after the session the director/recorder asked me if I smoked and I answered that yes I did. Having that asked really opened my eyes that you could hear it in my voice and I didn’t want my voice to be affected by something so stupid like smoking.

  3. I was wasting my money

    Again a no-brainer. It didn’t cost me a lot when I bought one pack at a time but then looking at my account and seeing how much I spent on cigarettes was insane. There are better things to spend your money on.

  4. My whole day was evolving around smoking

    “First coffee, then outside with my coffee to smoke one okay maybe two.” ” If I smoke this one now, do I have to buy a new pack today or tomorrow?” ” Where is my break I want to go out to smoke!” All of these thoughts were clouding my head all-day-long. I was scheduling my whole day around when I was going to smoke. When I quit it was so soothing  to my mind not having to think about smoking and being a slave to that kind of thinking.

  5. “This is not person I want to be”

    Probably this was the major reason I quit and held on to my decision. This also helped me through that period of developing new habits. I always knew I wasn’t going to smoke forever. Kept thinking like “oh well when I’m 30 I’m not gonna smoke then” but my actions weren’t alignment with my wants and words. When I accepted that if I didn’t quit now it was more likely that I would still be smoking when I’m 30. I didn’t see myself that way. Cigarettes didn’t really fit into my version of me or to that person I wanted to be in the future.



  1. I needed to decide and stick to it

    So it all came down to whether or not I was ready to quit smoking. If you are determined that smoking is not what you still want to do in five years you just need to stop now. There is NEVER a good time to stop. So that “good time” is every freaking moment. You just have to decide. And then stick to it. Make peace with that idea that you are not going to smoke ever again. Every time you feel tempted you just remember that you have promised not to smoke again. Every time you say no it gets easier and then you don’t even think about smoking ever again. It becomes your nature.

  2. Downloaded an app that helped me to stay on track

    Staying on track where I was at with my quitting really helped me to stay determinate  with my decision. It was relieving to see how my health was improving even after few hours of quitting. Also physically seeing a clock that’s ticking and adding numbers on how long you have been smoke free helped me. I didn’t want that watch to start over just ’cause I smoked even one cigarette.

  3. Created new habits

    When I quit I noticed that my consumption of other things increased a bit. Like wine and coffee. Now I’m also been 5 months without alcohol but that’s another post. But creating new habits is crucial when you have just quit smoking. If you want to go out and smoke just pour yourself some tea and watch an inspirational Youtube-video or scroll through  your Instagram account ( make sure this doesn’t lead to another addiction tho’ 😀 ). Then remember to reward yourself after being smoke-free for some period of time!



I thank you for reading this post! Of course if you want to you can leave a comment about your experience regarding smoking and quitting and please share if you have other tips on quitting 🙂


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