Speed Dating the City of Turin

Speed Dating the City of Turin

In the beginning of this month, I had a couple of days off from work so I thought that it was the perfect time to visit my friend Riikka who has just moved to Turin. I love love love Italy plus I’d never been to Turin before!


Because I just had a long weekend in Turin (two whole days), it was more like speed dating the whole city. Trying to scratch the surface to get to know it better. We didn’t rush into any tourist attractions or went to those hop on and off busses. We just looked around and walked. Walked and walked around the city, mostly looking for a place to eat or to get coffee.

Luckily it wasn’t so hard ’cause Turin has an amazing selection of vegan restaurants and everywhere we went, I could have a cappuccino with soy milk.


Even though we were walking quite a few kilometers a day, I still wore those same shoes you see in the picture. ‘Cause I travelled with just a carry-on, I didn’t have space for many items not to mention other shoes! Those old Vagabonds were quite comfy all day around and I managed to survive with just a few clothing items which I will feature in my up coming lookbook video so stay tuned 😉

If you want to read more about travel essentials, I have a blogpost about vegan beauty travel essentials and I highly recommend my friends Nelli’s blogpost all about what you’ll need while traveling!


Like all of Italy, the architecture is amazing but especially since I hadn’t been in Italy for few years, it struck me again how beautiful everything is. Everywhere you look is just so stunning. My heart melted and created a soft warm glow in my chest when I walked the streets in Turin.






I also got the chance to see another friend of mine who studies in Turin. Me and Chiara go way back and we first met when I was an exchange student in Avellino 2011-12. It was so nice to catch up and I got to speak Italian for real!




Although it was a speed date, I really liked Turin. Gotta go back for a second date and see what’s that city like for real. But over all it was a relaxing weekend and I’m so glad that I went. Thanks Riikka for letting me crash at your place!

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  1. Do you live in Turin? Or are you in Turin just for some weeks?

    • Like I mentioned in this post, I was in Turin for a couple of days 🙂