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My name is Meeri Toivonen, aspiring actress and ethical lifestyle blogger from Finland. I share my journey of becoming a full-time blogger and artist here on my very own platform. I value learning and so if you are looking for inspiration regards healthier and intentional lifestyle you are in the right place. This blog is for those who are willing to grow and shine.

I’m interested in many things and I’ve summarize up to three major categories:

veganism, sustainable fashion and ethical lifestyle.


This blog is for you, if you are :


Looking to live life more fully and ethically on every aspect of life.

 What is an ethical lifestyle? 



Starting to find value from self-development or are already doing so.

The Power of Habits

power of habit meerielviira


          Struggling to get dressed up in the morning

and are confused which direction you should head with your style.

7 pieces 7 days 7 outfits



Interested in creating a working sustainable wardrobe

that works in every situation.

Finding Your Style



Wanting more inspiration on how you can consume more ethically

while still looking stylish and unique. 

Turin | mini travel lookbook


As a still a quite young person, I don’t have much of an expert label on me but time and time again, people of all ages have come to me and ask for my advice on relationships, styling tips, veganism and all sorts of lifestyle tips on living a more fulfilling life.

Let me still be very clear here: this blog is a journey, like your and my life. We learn constantly new ways of living a better and more fulfilling life and I invite you to this journey with me. I’ll share all the great details that I have learned and mastered because I genuinely think that we can inspire one another and make the world (and the internet) a better place.

Thank you for taking this time to get to my blog: I really do appreciate it. If you’d like to read more about my story go here.

Feel free to contact me on any subject! I’m here for you <3