The Beginning Of My Vegan Journey

The Beginning Of My Vegan Journey



I got asked how I got into veganism and how I came across this amazing lifestyle.

Here’s how I got started!

I watch a lot of youtube videos. Like a lot. This one night in January this year, I was traveling from Joensuu to Helsinki. As I was entertaining myself I came across this youtuber that I’ve had earlier unfollowed for some reason. That youtuber was Kalel and I watch her video about veganism Why I’m vegan [+ how you can be too]…And that video made me feel terrible. I’ve had just bought I ham&cheese sandwich. After watching her video I wanted to know more and see other point of views. So I spend the rest of the journey (+3 hours) watching all kinds of videos about veganism. Here’s couple long ones that I watched: 101 reasons to go vegan and Best speech you’ll ever hear !

So after that train ride one thing was sure.

I couldn’t go on eating animals.

And yeah I sure did not finish that sandwich.

It all seemed a bit overwhelming at first. Like almost everything that I looked through in the supermarket had some kind of animal product in them. Luckily I noticed a bright side! When all the processed foods that I’ve usually bought like chips, chocolate, cookies etc. contained animal products I just had to say no to them. Somehow resisting those kind of “goods” came so much easier. I just HAD to say NO. Of course now that I know which sweets and chips doesn’t contain anything from a living being it’s hard to resist them but I’m getting there 😀

One thing I also noticed that cooking and baking came so much more interesting and fun. It was not a chore that just needed to be done but a fulfilling moment of the day. Knowing that something going inside of me was not death and suffering but real foods and nutrients, made and makes me so happy!

Nowadays my boyfriend Henu cooks more vegan food than I do. Doesn’t bother me 😉


If you are interested about veganism I encourage you to watch these videos and search for yourself about this life changing topic. I will continue to share information in English and in Finnish but there are so many good blogposts and videos already that if you really want to make the connection, you will find the right way to educate yourself.

If you have any questions or thought please leave them down below or get in touch with me through Facebook or Instagram.

Thank you for taking the time to read this!

Take care<3