The Perfect Plan

The Perfect Plan

I recently got rejected from a school that I had applied earlier this spring. For the fifth time.

But for the first time I got so close to getting in that I actually thought that this was it. That my perfect plan was coming true.

As I sat in front of the computer looking at a screen that didn’t have my name on it I realized that there is something called the perfect plan but it’s almost never meant to be like that. Without a hustle and without a “detour”. Without learning something first.



Not everything we do and create is gonna be perfect. Sometimes it’s good to accept that life is what it is. I have to admit that I’m still not very good at that…

Accepting the unfinished.

I always try to pursue perfection but mostly just to realize that it is unachievable and constant battle towards it just makes me unfulfilled.

We all have our flaws but when you get to know your flaws and weaknesses, it’s time to make them your strengths or at least learn from them. ‘Cause isn’t life a constant learning experience?

So I’m learning to love the process and letting myself go.


I’ll let you know a little secret: I love planning! Planning for future projects, trips etc. I love to plan so far a head and so precisely that I end up with so many goals that I can’t even fit into my notebook. Usually it breaks me when those goals don’t go as planned but now since I’m learning out from my perfectionism, it’s not the end of the world if something doesn’t go as I planned. I think that’s why I rose up so quickly from getting rejected ’cause if it’s meant to be, I’ll get there and if not, well: that’s life.

If everything we create isn’t always gonna be perfect, what’s point the of planning? What if you don’t plan at all? For the future or anything else. For your goals and for your dreams? Where would you be headed? Isn’t planning part of the journey? When you are thriving to go somewhere and you end up somewhere you didn’t thought you would. For example if I wouldn’t plan to go somewhere in my life, how could I ever realize the other option that didn’t even exist at first.

Would I have discovered it if I had just stayed still?

Don’t think so.



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So it’s good to have plans and vision but it’s also important not trying to force them to manifest precisely as you wrote it on your notebook or visualized it. That’s loving the process of life and going towards your dreams even if it doesn’t go as planned.


You are awesome!

Take Care<3