What I Eat In A Day | VIDEO

Hi Guys!

Here is a quick video about what I ate yesterday. I’ve been eating like this these past few weeks including some exceptions of course. Yesterday we cooked together at my “office” and then I cooked one of my favorite meals when I got home.


First before eating I drank 0,5 l of water

Oatmeal with hempseeds

White tea with peppermint

Smoothie including 2 bananas, frozen blueberries and huckleberries and a bit of water


Vegan burger with ciabatta buns including salad, tomatoes, pickles, mustard, vegan mayonnaise and vegan cheese (violate)

Baked sliced potatoes and sweet potatoes


Vegan lemon nice cream with chocolate dressing

Handful of walnuts and pistachios


300 g wholegrain spaghetti

Mushrooms (canned)

Broccoli (frozen)

for spices I added some garlic, fresh chili, sriracha hot chili sauce, black pepper and of course nutritional yeast!

Evening Snack

Couple cups of chamomile tea and a little piece of dark chocolate

Water consumption of the whole day :

about 3,5 litres


You are awesome!

Take Care<3