Welcome to Miami

Hi guys!

Major thing happening right now: I’m currently in Miami visiting my boyfriend.

This past week I’ve just been sleeping and trying to chill down for a moment. If you know me at all you’d know that “just chilling” is not my specialty. Relaxing  yes but just doing nothing and really slowing down for a week was quite the challenge. But I managed to do that!

My camera broke down and so I’ve been taking these few photos with my phone. If you follow me on instagram  you have probably seen quite a bit of my current situation here in Miami.


Mitä tapahtuu: olen tällä hetkellä Miamissa moikkaamassa poikaystävääni. 

Viime viikolla vaan nukuin ja koitin ladata akkuja. Jos yhtään tunnet meitsiä, niin tiedät että “chillax” ei ole hirveän tuttu termi omassa arjessa. Rauhouttuminen kyllä, mutta oikeasti itsensä hidastaminen viikoksi oli aika hurja temppu. Onneksi onnistuin tehtävässä! 

Kamerani sanoi itsensä irti, joten puhelin on toiminut sijaisena siitä lähtien. Jos seuraat mua instagramissa , olet varmaan jo saanut pientä kuvaa tästä nykyisestä säädöstä mitä täällä Miamissa tapahtuu.

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Anyways few exciting things are ’bout to happen here and I’m gonna post those topics here so make sure to follow my Facebook page or directly this blog via email if you want to know more about my adventures here in Miami!

Joka tapauksessa luvassa on muutamia jänniä juttuja tämän mun vierailun aikana täällä Miamissa, joten pysy kartalla seikkaluistani tykkäämällä meitsin Face sivusta  tai vaikka seuraamalla blogia suoraan sähköpostin kautta! 

You are awesome! 

Thanks for reading.

© Meeri 


Discovering Ekudden


I didn’t know that this existed here in Porvoo. Been living here for a long time but still I knew nothing about this wonderful peaceful place.

Most of my life I’ve been surrounded by nature, trees and fields but after a while I didn’t spend that much time in the forest. Like really deep down in the woods where man hasn’t touched anything. It’s something I took for granted. Then time passed by and all these trees where cut down and people started to really “own” their lands and putting up a signal that those woods belong to them. I couldn’t walk there like I used to. Or at least without feeling that I wasn’t welcome. That’s not what walk in the nature should feel like. That you are doing something wrong.

But then I discovered Ekudden. It’s a conservation area in Porvoo and it’s part of the Natura 2000 network. This beautiful place made me realize again how important it is to really surround yourself with nature. To breathe it in without distractions and hurry. It grounds you in a different way when you slow down in the forest for an hour versus you walk through a park when you go to work.

I know I spend a lot of time in front of a screen (phone, computer etc.) and all that sends a fair amount of radiation to my system. I also know that this is the situation for may others as well. I feel that nature reboots our system and gets rid of all the bad vibrations we get from our everyday life.

So I will try to spend as much time in the nature as possible.

How about you? Do you like spending time in nature?


You are awesome! 

Take Care<3