The Premiere Week of Pippi

So… it’s THE WEEK. The week where it all comes together and 30.6. is the opening night of Pippi Longstockings on the Seven Seas. We have been working with this play for couple months now and it’s finally coming to a place where we can actually let people in to witness what we have created.

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from instagram @meerielviira


Needles to say I’m super excited. There have been times of stress and tiredness that I almost lost control but I’m so proud of what we have all accomplished together as a group.

It has been a long journey. All started before we even had began rehearsing our play. We had gigs all over the place for promoting etc. The only thing that was on place was my hair and the songs we needed to perform. But it was fun! Hard at times…but fun!

Pippi is a very iconic character and I’ve almost ripped out my hair (not really ’cause it’s very expensive) that how I’m gonna make it come alive without copying the movie and having my own spin on it. This really is a role of a lifetime and not taking this for granted. I want to represent it as a new but still have to old recognisable¬†vibes that the audience is waiting to see. But I’m confident that hard work will pay off and that the character will continue to grow during the show.


Processed with VSCO with f2 preset
from instagram @meerielviira


Other thing that has been on our minds the whole time is our very own pool. Can you imagine we have built our own pool that we can actually use? That actually works and that is freaking amazing! Still freaking cold but awesome! The play is called Pippi Longstocking on the Seven Seas and we have the sea for reals!!!

Unfortunately I know that many of you will miss this play… and I get it. Joensuu is really far away from everything. For those who will come–> I’m not gonna hype this too much but I guarantee you will be happy that you came. This production has so much heart, sweat and tears that it’s gonna blow your mind that this isn’t all “professional” production.


Processed with VSCO with f2 preset
from instagram @meerielviira


I think I need to head back to rehearsals but stay tuned for other blogposts about Pippi!


cover photo by: Antero Lehikoinen


You are awesome!

Take Care<3




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