What is an ethical lifestyle?

You may have noticed that my blog (and instagram etc.) is more and more focused on ethicality and ethical living. But even the rising trend of veganism and this type of lifestyle, there are still some misconceptions about what an ethical lifestyle is…

ethical is really the new black! photo by @inthesoulshine from instagram


It’s different for everyone

Keep in mind that there are as many definitions as there is people practicing this way of living.

Wikipedia: Ethical living is the philosophy of making decisions for daily life which take into account ethics and moral values, particularly with regard to consumerism, sustainability, environmentalism, wildlife and animal welfare. At present it is largely a personal choice, and not an organized social movement.


No matter if the question is about veganism, minimalism or anything else, you make your own version of it. Many don’t like the use of “ism” behind those words and I personally know people who hate everything “ism” involved. I think that people are just stuck with some negative words like nazism and fascism and therefore think that everything kinda sounding like those words are the same. Sometimes it’s helpful to have labels and boxes where you can scoop out the information that you need on a topic and then move on. It’s also clarifying for other people to know what you are all about. But you don’t have to tattoo it onto your forehead…if you don’t want to.


Lifesquared.org: So, what does ‘ethical living’ really mean? This term is often used to simply mean ‘living your own life in a way that is considerate towards the wider world beyond you’. In this context, the wider world includes other people, animals and the environment.


Things and ideas that bring us and to our surroundings joy, happiness and peace are good whether or not there is an “ism” behind it. This is not a cult. This is not an exclusive gang. This is just the way I want to live in order to bring peace into my life and into the world I live in.


realize that this is a big journey that starts with just one step

It’s a journey

Yes, that’s correct. I’m on a journey and I don’t need to require myself to be 100% ready at this or at anything. Nobody is perfect nor will ever be.

For example there is certain percent of nuclear power heating up my stove at my parents house where I live at the moment. Can I make a difference about what type of electricity comes to our house? Unfortunately not. I could just start to eat a raw vegan diet that doesn’t require a heating process but in Finland and for me as an unemployed, that is not sustainable. So I can go raw or wait until I move into my own house and have the chance to really make a decision about my own electricity.

Sadly some people have a problem with making your life sustainable for you. “So you allow nuclear power but cry for the dairy cows. How can you say that you’re ethical when you are just choosing what type of ethical things you do? That’s hypocrisy and labeling yourself as a better person than everyone else. You are just being passive!”

*deep breath*

Not everyone want or can go to live on deserted island with no electricity.

Not everyone can go and save all the starving African children.

And fiy, living a more ethical life is not passive.

It’s extremely active. The effort of every time I go outside, check my instagram or even turn on TV (which I don’t do very often). Every time I need to be conscious about who is trying to sell me, what and in what cause? What ideas these mainly huge corporations are trying to plant in my head? That I need something ’cause I’m not good enough? That it’s okay the slaughter innocent beings for my appetite? Because bacon tho’ ??

Being conscious and living a more ethical lifestyle is the least we can do, living in a first-world country where we vote with our money for the reality we want to see.

But it’s also realizing that you don’t have and cannot save everyone at once. Many people have the dissolution that you would have to do everything once in order to live more ethically. And as a result, people don’t even start ’cause they think it’s too hard. Guys, this is not true. Allow yourself to go on to this journey. If you are new to this whole idea, don’t freak out that the world is a mess and you cannot change anything. We’ve all been there and it feels horrible. But the shame and quilt from living in a privileged world is still not helping anyone… Not you, not the fast fashion slaves and not the dairy cows. Open your eyes and take action.

plant-based diet

My definition

At the moment in life I can be charge at least these things: what I eat, what I wear and what I buy. So here is my short definition of what an ethical lifestyle holds for me:

  • A plant-based diet is the obvious choice: nothing is more sustainable in the world. If you want proof go and watch Cowspicary on Netflix! Harming other beings and this planet is a very un-ethical way of living. Being a vegan is really a no-brainer.


  • Not buying from fast fashion brands: the fashion industry is one of the most polluting industries in the world. We always want the newest version of everything and don’t think about the origin of the garment. In my other blogpost I shared some handy questions whether or not you should buy a certain item, so if you are having problem with impulse shopping, I highly suggest you read that. But hail thrift shops, vintage and trashion!


  • Always keeping in mind the origin: Every item we purchase has a story. That story can be sad and scary or relatively okay. Making a habit of buying fair trade, organic and local when ever I can is a way of consuming I want to continue.


  • Learning all the time: It’s not about buying the latest fair trade coffee or just being “vegan” for the sake that it’s popular atm. This is about learning continuously about new ways of doing something ethically. Keeping your mind open for new ideas and exposures ’cause nothing is like it seems. Living ethically is more about the mindset not the shopping list.


Now it’s up to you

I have laid out my thoughts on what an ethical lifestyle holds for me. A way of living that bring peace and joy for me and for others. Now it’s up to you to define it to yourself. Some things that I hold valuable may not be so relevant in your life. But I encourage you to ask yourself about your values: what type of world do you want to live in? How can you make an impact to really make this world a better place?


Thank you for reading and of course if you have any comments please leave them down below. I would love to hear your thoughts!

You are awesome!

Take Care ❤




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5+1 tips | How to feel beautiful

HONEST ALERT: I don’t feel beautiful ALL the time. Who does? I bet Lady Gaga has those days too when she don’t feel like her A game…

Guess it’s kind of old to say “we all sometimes feel the pressure to look a certain way or are not happy the way we are feeling about our appearance because of the media etc.” But I’m still writing it down here ’cause it’s still the unfortunate reality for many of us. We maybe want to please others or just ourselves. I’ve noticed that when it comes to confidence and feeling beautiful I’m really my own worst enemy.

Being beautiful is most of all a feeling. 

Having confidence and feeling beautiful really go hand-in-hand. This is why my list contains a lot of handy tips to also build up your confidence. Even though you may have a great self-esteem it’s really good to remind yourself once in a while about how important these little things are. Also bear in mind that these are just my own tips for myself and all of these may not work for you but I’m sharing these ’cause it just might help you today.

Before getting to my tips on how I feel beautiful I’d like to share the most basic things that I  personally need before any of my other tips would even begin to work!

  • Getting enough sleep
  • Regural exercicing
  • Drinking lots of water
  • Eating healthy


Now on to the tips:


1. Smile and give yourself compliments

It’s so weird how easy it is to give someone else a compliment but not being able to say the same thing to yourself. This tip can work however you want it to and you can modify it to your liking. You can use a mirror or just go to a quiet place where you are not being disturbed. Then just smile. It’s really that simple. Smile to yourself and either out loud or in your mind give yourself compliments or if it seems hard to find multiple things just start with one. It can be anything from “My outfit is really on point today” to just simply “I’m beautiful”. Say anything that needs the most attention.


2. Be without makeup 

The power of makeup is real. It has the power to change our appearance, enhance our features or even create a piece of art. It also has the power of making you feel less beautiful when you are not wearing it. If this is the case then I suggest that you stop wearing makeup for awhile. Sometimes after a period of wearing a lot of makeup I wash my face and don’t feel as beautiful as the second before I washed my face. ‘Cause I got used to seeing my face full glam on and when I washed my face it didn’t look “normal” and so I felt less beautiful. But when I tried to be without makeup for a week or so I got used to seeing myself without makeup and therefore the “normal” got back to where it should be.


3. Dress up

Same as makeup, clothing has a significant impact on how we feel about ourselves and how others perceive us. Let’s say I’ve worn baggy pants and some old sweatshirt for days in a row ( based on true events ) I’m gonna feel like the clothes I’m wearing: kinda worn out and baggy. Don’t get me wrong I love comfortable clothing but if I want to boost my confidence and feel like the best version of me I’m not going to wear that combination for long period of time. Putting on a sharp blazer or getting my favorite dress on is kind of telling myself that I’m worthy of looking my best at all times.

I think there is no such thing as overdressing.


4. Dance

This is probably my favorite tip! I love to dance and even though I don’t go to classes anymore like I used to I still dance almost everyday. This is almost like the basic exercise stuff I shared in the beginning of this post but it’s still something extra. This takes me about 5-30 minutes or as long as I like! I put on some music that makes me feel happy or sexy and then I just jam. When those famous endorphins start to hit my brain and I brake a sweat I’ll feel totally different about myself than before I started. If you haven’t tried this out I highly recommend.


5. Try something different

Seriously. Please. Just do it. It’s no surprise that when I’ve been wearing the same clothes and done my makeup with the same routine over and over again, I’m gonna feel bored. But when I try something different it changes everything. It’s exciting and it makes me look at myself in a different perspective. And if the different didn’t work I can always go back. I did this all the time in secondary school! I remember someone really came up to me and said “Meeri could you just please make up your mind about your style?” ‘Cause I was experimenting with my clothing and where I felt the most beautiful in. Each day was different so obviously the same things and style didn’t work everyday.

I think we tend to feel more beautiful when there is something new and exciting on us. This can apply to anything you want. Break up the routines and try something new. Like a fresh haircut or a piece of jewelry that you haven’t tried ( like I bought fake septum ). The options are infinite.


+1 Sex

I’m just gonna leave it there.




Thanks for reading.

You are awesome!