MIAMI MARCH | mini lookbook

Hi guys!

Even though my Youtube videos are mostly in Finnish, these types of styling videos are fortunately not bind to any particular language!

The last time I was in Miami, I had to of course make my bf to film couple of my OOTDs and here is the result. I’m still using my iPhone to film these types of videos but I realize that this cannot go on forever ;D Slo-mo is always fun, just remember to watch this in HD !

Outfit 1

Jumpsuit : Urban Outfitters Vintage

Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell Lita

Faux septum: Blackheart

Sunnies: Ninja

Bandana: Second Hand

Outfit 2

Dress: Superdry

Long sleeve shirt: American Apparel

Shoes: Nike

Faux septum: Blackheart

Choker: Second Hand

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I have enjoyed the Miami sun and now I’m back in Finland and enjoying the heat from our fireplace. Of course the jet lag had me for the first week so that’s why I haven’t been posting but since all this travel has been going on –> I thought I’d share my vegan beauty travel essentials!

I’m not one of those crazy beauty gurus that do that full on make-up and beauty routine but I still have some essentials that I do take with me on a long-haul flight.

So here are my 8 vegan beauty travel essentials for a long-haul flight in no particular order:

1. Hand sanitizer

This is a must. If nothing else makes to the plane, this does. Planes are not the most hygienic places so having a hand sanitizer is an essential. Don’t wash your hands in the planes toilet; the water isn’t the purest. You can also use this sanitizer and tissues to wipe out your table and armrests.

2. Rosewater spray / face spray

Imagine that you have been sitting on a plane for 6 hours and the end is nowhere near. It’s starting to get too hot or too cold and very uncomfortable. Here you pull out your rosewater spray and spray that onto your (preferably clean) face and feel the freshness. Sounds like a plan? Yes, it does.

3. Argan oil

Occasionally my skin gets very dry while flying. So I want to nourish it with the best of the best: argan oil. It easy to carry and mine it has the pipet that makes it easy to apply. The benefit of having argan oil versus a face cream is that you can use it for your nails or neck or any other part of your skin that feels dry.

4. Towelettes

The fresh feeling when you wipe your face clean on a plane! I prefer something that doesn’t have much alcohol in it ’cause alcohol tends to dry out my skin even though I would put argan oil right after. Also the travel size towelettes that have like 5-10 pieces are the best so you don’t have to carry a big package with you.



5. Peppermint essential oil

Maybe not for everyone but after having brought this little buddy with me on the flight to Helsinki to Miami, I will add this to my essential list no doubt. Hence the word “essential oil”:D Long-haul flights can get very stuffy and I tend to manage to pull sort of a headache from all of that traveling. Sniff on peppermint essential oil helps with the headache and relaxes. After all every little thing that can freshen up the travel is a must.


6. Toothbrush and toothpaste

After landing it’s time to rush to the bathroom and brush our teeth. I like this bamboo cole brush with Urtekrams fluor mint toothpaste. Nothing better than getting a fresh breath after a long flight.


7. Hand cream

Every time I set foot on a plane, all the moisture from my hands disappear. So hand cream is crucial for me. I like to have something with a fresh smell like aloe vera and something that absorbs quickly. I’ve been using Urtekrams Aloe Vera Hand Cream lately and I highly recommend that one!

 8. Deodorant

This is no brainer as well. But I usually apply deodorant after landing. Feel like after a long flight brushing your teeth and doing a small underarm shower in the bathroom and then getting that deodorant gets me going. Don’t like to use any perfume. It can easily get stuffy and really annoying ’cause even though it may smell nice you don’t necessarily get that fresh feeling.


So those were all my beauty essentials for a long-haul flight! I hope you found some inspiration for your travels and leave me a comment your favorite beauty product that you always take with you! I would love to hear your essentials as well 🙂

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Happy New Year! | VIDEO

Hi guys and happy New Year!

Here’s my quick review of my year 2016. A lot of things happened and I’m so excited for upcoming year 2017. I hope it’s filled with new experiences, theater and lots of love.

What do you wish from 2017?


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Overanalyzing my future in Miami

Hi guys!

These few weeks have been crazy. I’ve been super productive and then again the laziest person in town. I have a history of being a perfectionist, being really hard on myself and overanalyzing things. Anyone can relate? Anyways those things don’t work when you are really trying to get things done. ‘Cause perfectionism is really just a form a procrastination…

I’m applying for schools here in Miami. I didn’t mention that in my last post on purpose. First I thought I wouldn’t share that here ’cause I felt that if I fail I might be blaming myself for shouting out my dreams to the public and therefore ruining my chances.

But there I was overanalyzing again  😀

I dream big. Always have and always will. But dreams will just be dreams if you don’t do anything about it. I’m trying to do something about it but when nothing is certain the idea creeps out like “what if this is not enough”. I’m breaking my brains with this overanalyzing. I know nothing and it freaks me out. Like I said nothing is certain but then again nothing is impossible.

Processed with VSCO with f2 presetBut what is up other than overanalyzing everything–>

We spent a long weekend in Fort Lauderdale in an Airbnb apartment. It was my first experience in Airbnb and I’m just gonna say thank you future and technology for making these kind of things so easy. Like Airbnb is basically ordinary people giving their home or spare room for your use inexpensively (or at least that’s what I’m looking for). Why not! And some of these places are really like hotels.

Same thing with Uber which is still kinda illegal in Finland. Ordinary people driving cars and getting you from A to B with lot less money than you would use by taking a taxi. Like yes please! Because here in Miami you really need a car to get places.

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset
Little haul from Wholebody ;P

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

This is someone’s office!
Pelican Theater at Barry University
Processed with VSCO with f2 preset
Running at Hollywood Beach
Processed with VSCO with f2 preset
Coffee with my love in Margaritaville

Overall I’ve enjoyed my time here in Miami so far. Time really flies by in here. Been watching people’s photos on Instagram and I gotta say at this point I’m not looking forward returning to Finland 😀


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Ft. Lauderdale VLOG | YOUTUBE



Hi Guys!

We spent a weekend in Ft. Lauderdale and I made this little video where I share what I ate and wore over those couple of days.

When traveling it sometimes hard to stay ‘super healthy’ and so chips and cookies are the reality for me. If you have any tips on how to eat more healthy while traveling please let me know! But in this video I’m really sharing the things that I eat on a holiday! There’s a lot of sodium going on but occasionally some fruits will hit my stomach.

One place that we ate twice was called Ocean View Delight. First we were going to get food from Wholefoods (which we actually did on the next day) but since Henu spotted the “vegan menu” sign, we had to check the place out. We ate these delicious ( and greasy ) wraps and the service was super nice!

Overall I’m not saying that what I ate was really bad ’cause it was still vegan and no animals were harmed.

So if you’re still thinking that every vegan is healthy as fuck that is not the case 😀


Outfit of the Night (Day 1)

Dress : H&M

Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell Lita

Choker: Thrifted


Outfit of the Day (Day 2)

Shirt: ONLY

Shorts: not mine 😉

Cap & Backpack: Nike

Sunnies: NINJA

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